Workers’ Compensation

Schreuders offers specialist advice in the area or workers’ compensation.

Our highly experienced compensation lawyers fully understand the complexities of workers’ compensation and command the necessary expertise to advise you on your rights and entitlements.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury from your employer, or through WorkCover.
If you have sustained an injury in the workplace, contact us today to discuss your situation before your automatic right to claim compensation is lost.

We get results

We pride ourselves on securing the compensation you deserve, as well as delivering superior levels of client service. When you engage Schreuders you will have access to a team boasting over twenty years’ experience in workers’ compensation law, and some of the best expert support in the business. We work with highly experienced medical professionals, forensic engineers and accountants, and barristers to maximise your workers’ compensation claim chances. We cover a range of areas related to workers’ compensation, including:

  • Workplace Injury advice.
  • Workers Compensation Commission representation, and litigation with WorkCover or your employer.
  • Rehabilitation planning.
  • Attendance and representation at Conciliation or Arbitration hearings.
  • Compensation and injury advice for common law proceedings.
  • Assistance with WorkCover’s requirements.
  • Employment issues arising from workers’ compensation claims.
  • Compensation claims on behalf of subcontractors, hired labour and outsourced labour.
  • Hearing and Industrial Deafness compensation claims.
  • Traumatic hearing loss compensation claims.
  • Compensation claims for injuries sustained whilst travelling to and from work.

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For friendly, obligation-­free advice on your claim, contact Schreuders today. One of our personal injury lawyers will review your case and respond with clear, actionable advice. And if you decide to go with us, our standard ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee applies.

Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer

If you think you may have a workers’ compensation claim, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. One of our workers’ compensation lawyers will discuss your case with you, providing free, no obligation advice regarding your particular situation. And in the event that you are unable to attend an appointment in our Sydney CBD offices, we can arrange to meet you at your home, hospital or workplace. If you decide not to become a client, we will not charge you for our services.

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