Compensation Lawyers Perth

Level 1, 100 Havelock Street, Perth WA 6005, Australia

The Schreuders team are the highly experienced compensation lawyers in Perth working with you to help settle your claim fast. Located close to Elizabeth Quay on Havelock Street, the Schreuders compensation lawyers Perth are the committed legal team that will help you to achieve a fast resolution for your compensation claim. We operate throughout the Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs. Our offices are easy to get to, centrally placed close to public transport and just north of the WACA.

Over 25 years’ experience winning compensation cases just like yours.

Schreuders compensation lawyers Perth operate within a broad field and specialise in providing legal services which include representation and litigation. With over 25 years of legal expertise in compensation law, we are the team of compensation lawyers Perth who can help you to achieve the best possible outcome for your claim, in the shortest possible time. We proudly hold a 99% win rate. Offering a No Win, No Fee policy, our team are committed to ensuring that your case is given top priority. Marshalling a broad team of diverse experts from around Australia, we have the resources to give your case the attention and focus that it deserves.

Personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and CTP claims, medical negligence, and financial negligence.

If you have been the victim of someone else’s negligence or are in need of legal help and representation to resolve a claim for compensation then Schreuders can assist. You can speak with a lawyer today for a free case assessment or, alternatively, fill out our free and fast online assessment to find out whether your case is something we can help with. We understand that compensation claims can be distressing to manage, particularly if you are in the process of recovering. Our team are patient, expert and considerate. We will not only ensure that you receive the best representation in Perth but we will take care and consideration to minimising this trying time for you and achieve the compensation that you rightly deserve.