Compensation Lawyers Parramatta

6/91 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Contact the Schreuders compensation lawyers Parramatta today for a free case assessment. We specialise in fast wins for our clients. Schreuders are the compensation lawyers Parramatta with the 99% win rate offering fast resolutions for our clients. Our offices on Phillip Street, Parramatta, are located around the corner from the Local Court House and service the city of Parramatta as well as the surrounding Western Sydney region. As a team of legal professionals with over 25 years’ of experience, Schreuders compensation lawyers Parramatta are specialists in winning our clients’ claims for:
  • CTP claims and motor vehicle accidents
  • Personal injury cases
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Financial negligence cases

Fast action on your claim.

We offer quick action on your claims helping you to assess the options surrounding your claim and where you legally stand with regards to your right for compensation. Often putting in any claim for compensation is a stressful time. When you are recovering from personal injuries such as industrial accidents, car accidents and the effects of medical negligence, you need time and expertise to understand exactly what your case for compensation might involve.

Professional and specialist services.

This is time when people can miss important deadlines, misunderstand instructions and become overwhelmed by the enormity of representing themselves under such trying circumstances.

No win, no fee.

Schrueders compensation lawyers Parramatta are the best avenue for exploring your legal rights and what is owed to you. We can explain everything along the way. We can represent you, litigate for you and draw on a team of resources to ensure that your case is given detailed attention and considerate care while you recover. We operate under a No Win, No Fee structure so if your claim is unsuccessful then there are no hidden costs you’re forced to cover afterward. Contact Schreuders Parramatta today for a free case assessment.