Compensation Lawyers Newcastle

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Schreuders compensation lawyers Newcastle offer free case assessments and a strict no win, no fee policy. We help people receive the compensation they deserve. Located in the heart of the CBD, the Schreuders team of compensation lawyers Newcastle offer a comprehensive litigation and representation team specialising in personal compensation claims. Operating under a strict no win, no fee policy, our specialist team on Hunter Street will assess your case entirely free of charge. If we take on your case, our 99% win rate speaks for itself. Our team of compensation lawyers Newcastle offer specialist legal services across a range of personal compensation claims.

Motor vehicle compensation – including CTP claims

Have you been involved in a road traffic incident? Are you intending to lodge a CTP claim? Our team of compensation lawyers Newcastle can advise, represent and litigate, covering all potential outcomes of your CTP claim. With specialist legal expertise and a team of professionals to pool our resources, your personal claim is given comprehensive coverage to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.

Personal injury cases

Have you been injured? Recovering from life-changing injuries can be a stressful time. Claims for compensation for personal injury cases can take time and become very detailed and demanding. Ensure that the best team of compensation lawyers Newcastle are representing your interests by completing a fast, online and free case assessment with Schreuders.

Medical and financial negligence claims

Have you been the victim of someone else’s negligence? Our compensation lawyers in Newcastle will help you to settle your personal claim quickly and effectively. We operate with care and empathy ensuring that your distress is minimised as much as possible while you progress throughout the course your claim. Start your free case assessment online today so we can begin working on what you deserve today.