Financial Negligence Claims

Schreuder Partners Compensation Lawyers Sydney has the expertise to help you with financial planning compensation.

Financial planning compensation is available to persons who have lost money as a result of poor or negligent financial planning advice and can be claimed via our “No Win No Fee”* policy.
No matter how big or small the financial planner, a Schreuder Partners Financial Planning Compensation Lawyer will fight hard for your rights to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us now on 1300 958 154 in case you are running out of time to commence your claim. Please see below for more detail as to the relevant time limits.

Time Is Running Out To Recover Losses Discovered In The Global Financial Crisis(GFC)

The time limit for making a claim against a financial advisor is 6 years, which means if you incurred losses in the GFC you should contact us now before you are statute barred.

What is “Financial Planning Compensation”?

A financial planning compensation claim helps individuals claim lost money as a result of financial planning negligence as well as general business advice, personal accounting advice, wealth-creation advice and taxation advice.

Below is a checklist to determine if the financial advice you received was negligent:

  1. Were your relevant personal circumstances and information obtained by the financial planner?
  2. Did the financial planner consider your risk profile?
  3. Did the financial planner consider your existing net asset portfolio?
  4. Did the financial planner consider your current and future cash flow requirements?
  5. Did the financial planner consider the diversification of asset classes?
  6. Did the financial planner develop a suitable financial strategy for you and your needs?
  7. Did the financial planner act independently, without a conflict of interest from scheme promoters?
  8. Did the financial planner provide alternative and less costly options?
  9. Did the financial planner sufficiently match the appropriateness of the investment to your needs?
  10. Did the financial planner communicate the forecasted investment returns correctly?
  11. Did you receive statements of advice for each of your investments to understand the investment strategy?
  12. Did you receive advice regarding alternative investment strategies?
  13. Was the advice you received in line with professional standards?
  14. Did you understand the advice?

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For friendly, obligation­-free advice on your claim, contact Schreuders today. One of our personal injury lawyers will review your case and respond with clear, actionable advice. And if you decide to go with us, our standard ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee applies.

Your Experienced Financial Planning Compensation Team

Schreuder Partners Financial Planning Compensation team is lead by Mark Schreuder, with over twenty years’ expert experience in compensation claims including clients who experienced losses through products such as:

  • Margin Loans
  • Options, derivatives and other speculative investments
  • Capitalising interest on margin loans
  • Agriculture business investments
  • Failed shares and managed funds

Mark personally meets all Schreuder Partners Compensations Lawyers’ clients and closely supervises the progression of every compensation claim.

Due to the time sensitive nature of compensation claims, if you have experienced financial loss as a result of negligent financial advice, contact our team for an initial consultation and a free case appraisal.

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